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Service promise
Service promise
Commitment of Products & Services for GY
Honorific Client :
Thank you for your purchase of GY product, in order to ensure us provide the best service for all clients, please kindly find the warranty issues as below :
一、Your obligations
1. You should assist the sales staff to complete the warranty card when your purchase our product.
2. Please fax the content of the warranty card to 86-769-22780951, or send email to gybp@263.net, also you could calling 86-769-22780950/22185917, since this warranty card is voucher if you machine went wrong.
二、Pre-sales services
Before clients to buying our product, our company’s technician had response to provide the suitable model, test work-piece, installation guidance and debugging service for customer, and ensure customer to get correct choice and easy of use for GY product.
 三、Product warranty
1.Warranty reference
1)Main power supply (included a variety of circuit board) : one-year warranty by free of charge.
2)Transformer : Primary coil, secondary coil, inernal hig-pressure pipes : one-year warranty by free of charge.
3)Chassis, induction heater, high-frequency output line, foot switch, fillers and other random accesssories, they are not in the scope of free wanrranty
4)In order to protect your profit, please send the warranty card when your machine are under the scope of warranty.
2. According to the nation regultion, we will excluded the following scope of services, and need charge the fees and labor costs.
1)Have not according to the manual to use
2)The client have contact with non-GY maintain person to repair the machine, or replace, overhaul by themself, or no purchase voucher when the machine went wrong.
3)Due to the installation, movement by human error
4)Due to the accidents (such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning strike accidents, etc).
5)Over the warranty period. We need charge corresponding repair cost, actual freight cost, collect some of the cost of replacement parts, meanwhile customer need keep the number of the equipemnt in order to check the ex-facotry date, if it had no number of the equipment and will outside the scope of warranty.
3. Return & Replacement Service
If the selection of equipment or component failures caused by equipment does not match the normal working hours, customers could base on the voucher to enjoyment of return & replacement within one month of service.
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